Navigating on Earth with DynamicPawn

I can’t understand what’s the problem with navigating around the Globe with DynamicPawn.
I am using CesiumForUnrealSamples the latest Example with Google Maps 3D data as Photorealistic 3D Tiles.

When I start the application I can navigate around the starting area comfortably. But if I fly away from the surface and want to go to another area in like 2000 km away - I can’t get close to the Earth. The DynamicPawn that I control is stuck on the invisible plane. I guess that’s the plane going through CesiumGeoreference Origin.

As I understand in UE4 there was a setting “Keep World Origin Near Camera” that helped with this behaviour. And in UE5 it was removed as it is “unnecessary”.

How can I navigate with DynamicPawn to any point of the Earth?

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Can you share a video of this behavior? There shouldn’t be any invisible plane blocking your motion with the DynamicPawn. You should be able to fly anywhere on the globe.

Yes, sure, here is the video showing the problem:

When I fly away from the surface in the video, I always try to get close the surface by not releasing W button on my keyboard. So when you see the camera stuck in the air and it is changing angles - that’s the invisible plane where I am stuck.

I am using UE 5.1.1, but as I remember I had the same behaviour on UE 5.0 and 5.1.
Windows 11. Laptop with integrated graphics Iris Xe (could it be the problem?).

Thanks for the video. I think the problem may be that we forgot to turn off “Enable World Bounds Checks” in the World Settings for the Google level. Make sure it’s disabled, like this:

With that enabled, Unreal “helpfully” tries to fly the camera back toward the origin when it gets too far away.

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Yes, that fixed the issue.
Thanks a lot!