Camera movement issues with UE5.1.1 and latest Cesium plugin

Hello, up until now I have been using the cesium plugin with UE5.0.3, and have since upgraded to 5.1.1.
One of the main changes to my code base with this upgrade is the references to methods like “ComputeEastNorthUpToUnreal” have now become “ComputeEastSouthUpToUnreal” and “TransformRotatorUnrealToEastNorthUp” has become “TransformRotatorUnrealToEastSouthUp”.

After making these changes I am experiencing an issue when I jump to a waypoint on the other side of the globe, the dynamic pawn actor will constantly move and the controls become uncontrollable.

In my starting position the camera moves as I expect using Wasd keys for up,down,left, and right. However, when I jump to a point on the other side of the globe and the transition animation stops, the camera begins moving by itself in a left direction on its own. The Wasd keys try to compensate for the camera always moving in a leftward direction, but sometimes get reversed. The Wasd keys are able to override the left movement by holding right constantly, but once I release the key, the camera will automatically drift rightward. The speed of the camera movement also slows down dramatically depending on my jump location.

I wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing a similar issue. Kind regards.

Do you have “Enable World Bounds Checks” enabled in your project settings? If so, you will have to disable this, otherwise the game will try to pull you back into a limited “bounds” if you fly too far away.

If the issues persist even without this setting, is it possible to share a small example / video demonstration of the behavior, so we can try to reproduce it?

It looks like that indeed what was causing the issue. I had this checked on my on the map world settings.
Thank you!