Cesium causing Camera Render issues

I am using the Cesium Unreal plugin for a project and am facing issues when using sequencer. I have a camera set up with transform keyframes to move around the project that work fine when viewing in editor/sequencer, however, when in play mode or when rendering only the location keyframes work, the rotation is locked facing the same direction for the duration of the sequence. This happens with both the dynamic Cesium pawn and the standard unreal cinematic camera.

Is there a fix for this? As without the ability to use sequencer with Cesium we won’t be able to use the product

Hi @DanPickering,

That’s very odd, I haven’t seen that issue before. What version of Unreal Engine are you using?

You mentioned it also happened with the standard cinematic camera - Does it still occur in a project that is not using the Cesium for Unreal plugin?