(new?) Rendering Problem


First: Thanks for making it possible to use Cesium in the Unreal Engine. I use the plugin as background behind my landscape (see picture).

Unfortunately I have issues if I am adding it to the project (The problem disappears with deleting all the Cesium stuff. The relation is causal and reproducible).

“Enable World Composition” is unchecked (by default) and “Enable World Origin Rebasing” is unchecked as well (greyed out and not editable).

Problem: In preview mode everything is fine. But if I am rendering the sequence some cameras are immediately drifting away to the sky.

I did not find any logic why. At the beginning only cameras without Rig Rails were drifting. Then I have put the faulty cameras on Rig Rails. One is now working, but the other is still drifting to the sky.

I`m thinking about the problem since hours but have no more ideas. Can you think of anything?



Hi @andi-swiss,

You likely need to turn off the “KeepWorldOriginNearCamera” option on the CesiumGeoreference. It works similarly to “Enable World Origin Rebasing”, and I think the Sequencer has trouble with it sometimes.


Hi Kevin

Thanks a lot for your replay. That solved my problem immediately. I did not make many tests yet, but would let you know if that shouldn’t have been the solution.

Again: thanks for the support and the great plugin!


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