Cesium camera issue in sequencer

Hello, I’m having an issue using the sequencer and animated cameras with Cesium. When I activate playback, Cesium apparently creates a camera at runtime and switches to it. How do I stop it from doing that. If I can’t, what is the best process for creating an movie sequence with Cesium?

Edit: I have tried animating the Cesium camera pawn but it will only use animation channels for up/down, forward/back. No rotation channels are used.

We commonly record videos using the standard CineCameraActor. I’m not aware of any reason Cesium would create and activate a camera at runtime. Can you elaborate on what you’re seeing?

Sorry, Im having trouble figuring out what the problem is, let alone how to describe it. I should have mentioned that I’m trying to use the Fluid Flux plugin to simulate flooding with Cesium. FF can’t be added to the sequencer, so i have to hit the green play button to preview the water motion. When I do, Cesium takes control of the view port with its own camera. I thought maybe I could animate that camera, to capture the scenes I want, but I can only get it to play back translate animation curves. It ignores rotation/orientation curves. Clear as mud? Thanks for the help.

Ok perhaps you need to either delete the DynamicPawn, or configure it not to auto-posess player 0?

Is that a setting? Or would I have to do that in the blueprint?

It’s a setting on the DynamicPawn.

Thank you! I’ll give that a try.