About "FlyToLocationECEF"

If I Use “FlyToLocationECEF” Method To Move Pawn,
I can saw the player pawn and pc move.
now i want a function dat: world place some actor to be marker(contain loc and rot).
i want lerp to fly to location and rotation that i choosed marker actor.
FlyToLocationECEF Only To Set Yaw and Pitch axis, but marker place in globe , roll not be 0.
how can i solve dat problem.

I’m having a little trouble following you.

If you want to play an object at a location on the globe, use CesiumGlobeAnchorComponent.

If you want to fly something other than a DynamicPawn / GlobeAwareDefaultPawn, then that’s easy in the recently-released Cesium for Unreal v2.0 Preview by adding a CesiumFlyToComponent to whatever Actor you want to fly. But there’s no good way to do it in the current version (v1.31.1).

If you want to manually place an Actor and then fly the DynamicPawn to it… well, you’ll need to write some code to do that I guess. There’s nothing built-in for it.