Minimap and Globe functionality

Is it possible to have the globe in level 7 rotate so the player location on earth is always in the centre? At the moment the earth doesn’t move according to where the player is. If so, how would this be accomplished?

This is an example of someone accomplishing it unreal 4

Is this possible with the globe mini map
Otherwise is there a prefab or method that comes stock with cesium that accomplishes this?

Hi @MQS, I’m not sure I follow! Is this question related to your post here? If so, let’s consolidate to a single thread to avoid duplication.

It looks like the video is using the CesiumFlyToComponent to fly between locations. That is included with the DynamicPawn prefab in the plugin, but you can also attach the component to your own pawn or camera setup.

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Sure, they are related. Im happy to continue this question in the other thread if you prefer.
To clarify the question though, this is more specifically in relation to a stationary map (non camera based) non interactable map, as shown in the top left of the video. Whereas the other query is related to the ability to click the globe map and use the fly to component based upon where you click. The latter would be more ideal, however if that proves more difficult, this solution would work too :slight_smile:
He has a Mercator projection of the map to place the player on the globe.

Although it’s quite involved and not fully accurate.
I was wondering if anyone had experience with this or if there was a pre-made version somewhere with cesium or the community that exists?