about merge different dem

**i want to **combine local high res terrain with global dem, I have world terrain tile files(levle 0-6) and local high res terrain (level 0-14), I merge terrain files and layer.json,use world dem (0-6) and local dem(7-14), and load in cesium exception ,i use cesium terrain build for convert tif to terain,I can not combine tif first,because may be local dem(7-14) will increase,if i need change soucecode,i seek guidance

Have you tried doing this with Cesium ion? You should be able to easily combine those two (and with the global Cesium World Terrain). Let me know if that works for you.

thanks very much ,i can use cesium ion for overlay dem,but in actual scene,it not provide network,so i can not use cesium ion, i seem cesium ion use ‘parentUrl’ ,this property in ‘layer.json’ that ref to worlddem to overlay dem ,does it mean ‘parentUrl’ works even if not need cesium ion? another question is cesium ion provide extensions(metadata),the ctb may not provide.
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