About merge terrain file

My terrain is in quantize_mesh format.
First,I make a terrain to level 0~10 (named q1),then make this terrain to level 0~14(named q2).
Second, I copy q2’s level 11~14 to q1,then copy q2’s layer.json to q1.
Next, use q1 in cesium.However, requests at levels 11-14 are not displayed in cesium. why?And files with the same name are in the q1 and q2 are different.

quantized-mesh tiles can and usually do have information about availability of other tiles embedded in the tiles themselves. You can’t combine them just by copying like this.

Follow GitHub - CesiumGS/quantized-mesh: Specification for streaming massive terrain datasets for 3D visualization. .It doesn’t seem to indicate which part of the file is used to store other tile information.

It’s stored in the Metadata extension. Unfortunately that’s not very well documented. The best reference is the CesiumJS source code:

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