Access OSM Metadata of CesiumOSMBuildings in UE4


First of all incredible plugin. Very powerful and useful…

I would be very keen to access the metadata found in “ways” OSM and that if I am not mistaken also accesible in Cesium ION. For example I am interested in generating streets keeping the graph structure to run navigation scripts.

Additionally it would be great to access the metadata of each building (currently in UE its rendered combined and all of that rich info is inaccessible). i.e. separating buildings by use, height, etc…

Maybe this is being targeted in future releases but I would appreciate very much if someone could point me to a starting point (or documentation) to get quick started.

Thanks again for this tool!

Hi @cafragachan - 3D Tiles Metadata support is on the roadmap for Cesium for Unreal. We expect to work on this in the next few months. This will allow you to click and query metadata for OSM Buildings and other 3D Tilesets. Please follow the GitHub repo for updates GitHub - CesiumGS/cesium-unreal: Bringing the 3D geospatial ecosystem to Unreal Engine.

Fantastic @Shehzan_Mohammed ! Thanks for clarifying…within the 3D Tilesets is there a way (or in the future) to get OSM ways and streets connectivity graph by any chance?
Thanks again and keep up the amazing work!

Can you share your use-case for the streets connectivity graph? Are you looking for visualization of places and street labels etc, or are you planning to do some more complex analysis/AI based on the connectivity graphs?

Yeap, the second point you mentioned. More interested in the underlaying graph than the labels. i.e. running shortest paths between A and B…If there would be a way of accessing that structure (already in OSM) it would be great…

I think that would be something down the road, but don’t have a timeline for it. We are working on 3D Tiles Next (, which expands the use-cases and metadata features of the 3D Tiles specification, and this could be something we look at later on.