Get Building information

I have recently started to use cesium unreal engine. With your tutorial I implemented cesium in unreal engine. Imported OSM buildings. however, the building appear to be one object in unreal. how can get the information of each building like name, address, coordinates when I click each building?

Hi @rinu0902,

Currently you can not access metadata of OSM buildings with Cesium for Unreal. This is because OSM buildings uses a Batch Table Hierarchy for its metadata, which the plugin does not support. The plugin does support accessing standard batch table metadata (For example, like the New York City 3D Buildings dataset.) If you use a tileset with standard batch table metadata, you can access that information following this tutorial.


So this is limited to NewYork city right?

Yes, that tileset is limited to NYC. However, the method should work on any tileset that contains a standard batch table for its metadata.