added terrainProviders, yet appearance remains "flat"

I would like to utilize terrain data, for an effect similar to this:

I now have options of the ellipsoid, the CesiumTerrainProvider, and the VRtheWorldTerrainProvider, however I don’t notice any visual effects – unlike what is clearly illustrated above. On the other hand, I plainly observe the tile queries to the appropriate terrainProvider server. Yet, when I change to a horizon perspective, no elevation changes ripple the horizon.

Must the terrain be scaled, as in the example link? Or am I possibly missing something else?

Thanks for any recommendations,


Hello Kirk,

If you zoom into any mountainous region, the terrain should be clearly visible with no additional scaling.

Have you seen this demo?

Take a look at the code and see if there’s anything missing in your own application. If you’re still having problems, can you please paste a code sample?



Everything is working as it should, however the vertical scaling (in the example link provided) appears to be the key.

Thank you,


Kirk, I’m not sure what you mean. Can you post a screenshot of what you see when you follow the link Hannah posted? Does Everest appear with terrain as expected?

The link you posted modified Cesium to exaggerate the source data so that it is not visually realistic but more visually compelling. Most people want real-terrain, which is what Cesium provides out of the box.