Google Earth Enterprise TerrainProvider not rendering tiles in 1.92+

My team is using a Google Earth Enterprise Server to host our Terrain and Imagery data. We recently stepped up to version 1.97 of Cesium from 1.84. We are now having issues with Cesium rendering a distorted (quilt-like) image, or empty black space when we zoom into areas with higher resolution data. There are no errors logged to console to indicate any issues. Network tab seems to fetch the tiles just fine (return code 200).
UPDATE: Tested all versions between 1.84 and 1.97 and first version this happens on is 1.92

When I comment out the terrainProvider, the imagery for those higher resolution areas are loaded properly. But obviously, I don’t have terrain data.

// 1.84 - 1.97
// options.terrainProvider = new Cesium.GoogleEarthEnterpriseTerrainProvider({
    //   metadata: geeImgMetadata
    // });

// 1.113+
/* viewer.scene.terrainProvider = await Cesium.GoogleEarthEnterpriseTerrainProvider.fromMetadata(

I have also tested with several other newer versions, including 1.113, 1.114 and the latest (1.118 at time of writing) and see the same results.

I am using a GoogleEarthEnterprise server and can easily reproduce this issue on a Earth Enterprise Portable Server using the demo globe data provided by the EarthEnterprise server (tutorial_sf.glb). I can’t attach the tutorial_sf.glb file because it is > 30MB.

High altitude zoom level where imagery appears prior to zooming in:

Quilt-like rendering when I zoom in one or more level(s) (using scroll wheel):

Empty Space rendered when slightly more zoomed in:

Thanks for all the great support in the past. I look forward to your responses and/or questions/request for more info.