Serving custom terrain works in Columbus view but not 3D globe

Hey everyone, I am relatively new at working with Cesium, and find myself with an issue!

Through raw elevation data, I am creating my own quantized-mesh terrain tiles to be served to Cesium’s terrain provider. I can confirm that the terrain is generating onto the globe. The terrain is rendered up to the point where I begin to get to around zoom 8 before it completely stops and leaves darkness. There are no errors logged anywhere I can find.

The image below shows an example. Zooming in any further results in a black screen, although terrain is clearly rendering. In the ‘black screen’ you can rotate the camera to see the outline of the ellipsoid and the sky which is still loaded in.

For a long time I strictly thought there was an error in my tile generation (there likely is :]), or I was overloading Cesium somehow. The part that has me completely flummoxed is that the tiles will render perfectly when using Columbus View! The terrain files are loaded in as specified by the layer.json and then there is no clipping through the tiles.

I have tested with OTHER tiled datasets (such as the one created by the Cesium Terrain Builder) and they work perfectly on both viewers.

My question is: Does anybody have more insight into the differences between the view modes and how they interact with tiles? Are there obvious reasons while a tile may render on one but not the other? If the problem was with my generated tiles, wouldn’t they fail to render on the 2.5D view? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I fixed it! :slight_smile:
Turns out I was calculating the earth-fixed coordinates in the tile header incorrectly. Who knew!


Welcome to the community! I apologize for not getting to your post in time but I am happy to see that you were able to resolve the issue. Let me know if you have any cool applications/demos that you would like to share with our community.