Adding clouds to central body


I want to say sorry in advance for asking stupid questions, but I'm kind of new to Cesium, WebGL and 3D graphics in general)

I want to add clouds to central body to make it look more realistic. I kind of figured out the way to do this (the gist But there is a problem - sometimes cloud ellipsoid totally disappears, and when it's visible, I can see both side of the ellipsoid.

Is there anything I can do about this? Does my code makes sense at all?)



Sometimes clouds are available as an imagery layer you can just add to the globe, like the “United States GOES infrared” in the Imagery Sandcastle example.

Otherwise, if you want to control the render state (to not show the back side), consider using an appearance (which can contain a material like you have) and an ellipsoid geometry. See this tutorial:


Thanks, that helped a lot! The only thing is left is to deal with an ugly texture seam)

check out

there clouds, rain, wind speed, ... are available as imagery layers.

Thanks! In fact, I don't need real data/imagery, more like static texture. I've got one and it looks pretty good, except for texture seam. I understand that it is a common problem in texturing sphere/ellipsoid, but for now I'm unable to solve it or find good solution.

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