After building Cesium, now what?


I have built Cesium on my platform of Ubuntu, and it seems to be working great! Asside from not loading in buildings, but that’s fine.
I was curious, what steps do we take to bring Cesium into a preexisting project? Or perhaps that’s not where the project is at right now?

Thank you

Glad to hear it works!

The Quickstart tutorial shows how to add Cesium for Unity to a new project:

Adding it to an existing one should be nearly the same. The main gotcha is that your project needs to use either the URP or the HDRP render pipeline. The built-in one is not supported.


Since you’re building the plugin yourself, you’ll want to clone the cesium-unity repo into Packages/com.cesium.unity and follow the developer instructions, rather than using the Unity Package Manager as the Quickstart describes.

That makes a lot of sense thank you. So everything should be built in
Packages/com.cesium.unityand it should be ok then?