Details with cesium

Hi, i just wanted to know if there is a possibility to add an atmosphere into cesium world terrain ?
I had an atmosphere in my project in built in but it does not workin URP, thats why i am asking for this.


Hi @hugol,

We were working on a sky / sun / atmosphere controller here, but unfortunately that feature has been put on hold. In the meantime, there are probably resources on the internet to help you to create your own atmosphere shader in Unity!

OK, good to know, i already create my own and it was perfect for the project, but now we want to use cesium to have a more realistic earth, so we had to go in URP, and now my shader is not working at all, i have no error on unity but i don"t know what is the problem.

Hi @hugol,

I should update that we had a PR opened overnight, for supporting the built-in renderer in Cesium for Unity. If we’re able to get that in by the next release, you can try and see if your atmosphere shader works with it. :slight_smile:

Oh, yeah that’s would be amazing, when the next release will be published ?

If we are working on Built-in we have no problem at all

Hi @hugol,

The next release will be published the first week of April. The PR to add built-in support was already merged to the main branch, so it will definitely be included in the release.

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HI, i was not expecting that so soon but it’s really good for us, so everything is working fine in built-in with that ?
What is a PR ?