AGI hosting of Cesium?

What’s the strategy behind having each developer host a local copy of the Cesium library?

Having done development using Cesium for a year or so I’d much prefer to simply download the library direct from cesium.js/AGI. The size of download would be minuscule relative to the imagery and terrain stream. Watching for releases, downloading, changing permissions, etc. starts to feel redundant after a while. How about this option instead:

The developer could still download a local copy if desired.

This is already available and has been forever (but not well publicized).

For the latest release:

For a specific release:

You’ll also need the css if you use any widgets, you can just update the above paths for that.

We may revisit officially hosting on one of the popular CDNs in the future as well, but there hasn’t been much demand for it.

You also have to consider the downsides of referencing the latest build. We try to avoid breaking changes where possible, but occasionally they are still necessary, and even when we go through a deprecation cycle for changes, you still only have a 3-release window before the deprecation becomes breaking.

I recall a few years back jQuery “discovered” the problems with hosting a “latest” version.

Ah! Now I know. Thanks. - M