Agisoft Configuration for Cesium ION


I’m visualizing a file in Cesium ION, which was exported from Agisoft Metashape and subsequently uploaded to Cesium ION. The three-dimensional model uploaded appears to be levitating above the basemap in one instance (Mean Sea Level), while appearing to be submerged in another basemap (Cesium World Terrain).

I am curious as to why this is occurring. What coordinate reference system (CRS) should I export the file from Metashape in order to align with the appropriate level? I would prefer to avoid having to manually adjust the location of each tileset I upload.

Are there any other settings that need to be made while exporting or processing the 3D mesh from the Metashape?

I forgot to mention that I am exporting the file from Agisoft Metashape in export type Cesium Zip file.

@darkl1ght I could be wrong, but I believe “Cesium zip” from Metashape produces a ziped 3D Tiles tileset that is already processed. So adjusting the height on the metashape side would be needed to avoid adjusting anything in ion itself.

If you don’t care about terrain, you can probably use WGS84 on the Metashape side and then it would appear level with the flat earth, but I’m not sure if metashape takes height into account. You may want to reach out to them and see if they have any ground clamping options.