All deformed and weird

I need help my cesium for ue5 will not load the world it’s been an hour and it’s still very blocky and deformed I can see where the buildings are but it’s still all deformed. please help…

Hi @dreamlessnesslol,

I’m assuming you’re trying to use Google Photorealistic 3D Tiles in your project, is that correct? Photorealistic 3D Tiles looks great from an aerial view, but may lack detail on the street level. It is typical for cars, buildings, and trees to be reduced in geometry and appear fused with the ground.

If you’d like, you can provide the latitude, longitude, and height of your location, so I can confirm that you’re viewing the lowest level of detail. But I suspect that it won’t refine beyond what you’re currently viewing. If the data quality is not up to par with your needs, you can submit feedback to Google using the corresponding button on this page. Thanks!