Angular-cesium install using schematics broken

I am getting errors installing angular-cesium using schematics. This used to work, and I am wondering if it is incompatible with the newer versions of angular-cli?

I get this error:

$ ng add angular-cesium
ℹ Using package manager: npm
✔ Found compatible package version: angular-cesium@0.0.1.
✔ Package information loaded.
✔ Package successfully installed.
The package that you are trying to add does not support schematics. You can try using a different version of the package or contact the package author to add ng-add support.

Hey @Staf_Smith ,

AFAIK, angular-cesium is not part of the official Cesium library so please try filing an issue to the angular-cesium repository directly to get a better reponse :slightly_smiling_face:.

Besides that, schematics should follow the Angular version that is currently supported from the library. So, if you have Angular CLI 11 installed and the library currently supports Angular 10, schematics will throw the error that you already show :wink: Here is a relevant issue.

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Great, thankyou Aristeidis. I have filed an issue to the angular-cesium repo.

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