Cesium in Angular - best approach in 2021

Should I use Angular-Cesium (https://angular-cesium.com/) or just import the regular cesium library that now has typescript typings as of version 1.70 (CesiumJS Adds Official TypeScript Type Definitions – Cesium)?

What is the recommended approach as of 2021?

Hello @Staf_Smith ,

The Angular-Cesium library is a pretty good library for using with Angular applications and it is currently the most popular in the open-source community for integrating Angular with Cesium. However, it seems that progress has been stalled for a while as you can see in the repository issues.

Importing cesium directly and using it as a standalone module is also a valid case if you want to, especially if you want to have better control of the integration with Angular. You can have a look in this repository on how to achieve that.

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Thanks for your advice Aristeidis!

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