CesiumJS with AngularJS and Typescript

Hello, Can we develop a cesium app with AngularJS or/and Typescript. If so, any example you can show.

Cesium can be used just like any other third party library. I've been developing an application with it and AngularJS for some time now.

I’m using it with angular 4 and angular-cli
I just added JS and CSS in .angular-cli.json

“styles”: [




“scripts”: [



and use it in TypeScirpt code with

declare var Cesium: any;

I could try to make a sample repo if you really need it. I can share my actual code as is


Sorry I CANNOT share my actual code

Hi Umar,

Yes, you can develop a Cesium app with Angular (2+) and Typescript. Like Seb, I can't share my code right now, but I found this article very useful - https://cesiumjs.org/2016/01/26/Cesium-and-Webpack/

I had a lot of problems trying to get Cesium to work with SystemJS, so moved to Webpack using that article. I've had much more success since switching.

- Harry

I can probably share the type definitions I'm using if you decide to go ahead with Typescript, so that you can take full advantage of intellisense and Typescript compiler checks.

Doesn’t cover the TypeScript aspects, but I recently published a pair of posts discussing use of Cesium with Webpack and React that may help:


That would be great if you can share that

Just uploaded the type definitions file to this repo - https://github.com/excelulous/cesium-type-definitions

(accidentally used my other Google account when posting yesterday)

this is great. Is there a chance that the Cesium team takes and maintains this definition file into cesium project?