Animate GeoJSON datasource from CZML

Hi I’m new to cesium and seems very interesting what we can do with CZML.

I was wondering if there is the possibility to animate the extruded height of polygon loaded from a GeoJsonDataSource through a different CzmlDataSource, or CZML only animate it’s own specified objects.

Can i bind object ids from the geojson datasource to object ids of the czml?



I’m fairly new to Cesium also, so someone may have a better answer. I don’t think you can automatically bind two datasources, but you can drill down into each datasource’s items’ properties. I’m working with GeoJson only, and I use the following code to find a specific geometry based on its ID in a specific datasource when a related object is selected elsewhere in my application:

    var selectedOption = dataGrid().getSelection()[0];
    var geoJsonEntities = viewer.dataSources.get(0).entities.entities;
    for (var x=0;x<geoJsonEntities;x++) {
        if (geoJsonEntities[x] == {
            if (geoJsonEntities[x].billboard) {        //geojson points are assigned a billboard by the geojsondatasource                
                geoJsonEntities[x].billboard.image = new Cesium.ConstantProperty(pinBuilder.fromColor(impactedColor, 24).toDataURL());                
            } else if (item.polygon) {    
                geoJsonEntities[x].polygon.material = Cesium.ColorMaterialProperty.fromColor(impactedColor);
            } else {
      'entity is something other than a point or polygon', geoJsonEntities[x]);


The first datasource I load is always GeoJson, so I get that specific one (dataSources.get(0)), then I loop through that dataSource’s entities to find the ones that should be changed based on the selectedOption’s affectedGeometry ID. My GeoJson has a a “properties” property that contains the data I want to associate with other things in my application, like the selectedOption:

“type”: “Feature”,
“geometry”: {
“type”: “Point”,
“coordinates”: [69.167175292969, 34.513346401476]
“properties”: {
“id”: 1081,
“taskName”: “B2222-140805102052”,
“title”: “blah blah blah”,
“description”: “Task: B2222-140805102052”,
“marker-size”: “small”,
“marker-color”: “#4169E1