Animate GeoJson

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My first forum post. Very excited about Cesium and its capabilities. My background with GIS is mostly ESRI/Boeing Autometric Battlescape based, and for BI, IBM Cognos and Tableau.

So far, I have built and deployed my first Cesium app and managed to embed it within Tableau using the GeoJSON example from the Sandcastle.

I’m probably headed down the CZML writer path here, but: is it possible to animate my GeoJSON (attached) using clock? As you can probably gather, I am having problems with the syntax. Do I need to convert the times to UTC/ISO8901?

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Bikes.geojson (1.58 MB)

Yep, that’s pretty much the reason CZML was created. GeoJSON and friends don’t do much with time, only position.


To further clarify Ed’s answer; GeoJSON as a format does not support what you want to do; but if you were interested in writing custom code, you could certainly add animation via Cesium after the fact. So if you’re plan is to have the viz be completely data-driven, then CZML is you’re best bet; but if you just want to just initial geometry from a GeoJSON file and then animate certain aspects of it; that is definitely possible.

Thanks both, CZML it is!