animation with CameraFlightPath: "nonlinear" camera behaviour


I’m using CameraFlightPath.createAnimation to switch camera between some fixed predefined positionts. Positions are ralatively close to each other (the distance is about 1000m), their height over ground is about 500m (very appriximately). In both positions camera looks almost horizontally and almost in the same directions. When I switch between positions, camera “bows” (looks down) at the first moment then returns to needed angle. In my situation it’s not good, I need more linear motion.

Could you please tell, may be some parameters controll this behaviour? I looked at Cesium code but couldn’t understand the “mechanics” yet. I just played with easingFunction, but without result.

Thank you,


I have noticed similar behavior and I think it’s by design; there are options for animation that might help, such as setting the duration to ‘0’, which will speed up the animation to the point that it’s almost indistinguishable.

There are other Camera features, such as lookAt(), that you could use to bypass the animation entirely.

Hope this helps.

There are several issues in github for camera flights. Keep an on on the ones listed with “Improve flights” on the camera roadmap (#1060). In the meantime, you might have good luck selecting your own control points for a spline to control the camera position/rotation if your cases are simple enough.


Chris, Patrick thank you.

Chris, I needed smooth camera motion. I’ll try to animate camera manually.