[ANN] 3D models in Simpro-scene project

Hello Cesium users and team!

Using of 3D models examples are added to Simpro-scene project (https://github.com/rururu/simpro-scene):

  1. Sailing Expert: Race with 3D models of yachts (https://youtu.be/VG87r7_gVz8)

  2. Landing on aircraft carrier (https://youtu.be/gkRWfLXRaoo)




The landing of the aircraft one looks pretty awesome! Especially at 10:25 to 10:40.

Is this data generated, or obtained from real sensors?

Hi, Omar!

No external data. I am landing a jet-fighter on a carrier by hand using a simple flight control on the left side of a cockpit view: 4 sliders:

  1. Horizontal - aircraft course.

  2. Left vertical - aircraft speed.

  3. Middle vertical - aircraft vertical speed.

  4. Right vertical - aircraft altitude instantly (in emergency).

Try yourself, very exciting!