Arcgis return map tiles

I am trying to use Cesium and Arcgis together, but I want to call ArcGIS services so I can get back PSAP (Public Safety Access Point) tiles. Is this possible? Do I use ArcGisMapServerImageryProvider or UrlTemplateImageryProvider? Thanks for any assistance.

I speak 9-1-1, but can you be more specific? What is the source of your “PSAP (Public Safety Access Point) tiles”?

I use ArcGisMapServerImageryProvider to add an AGOL tile map service as follows:

Best of luck-

-Jon (aka lftgly)

var imageryViewModels = ;
console.log(’…created Cesium ImageProviderViewModels… ’ );
var CesiumMapViewer = new Cesium.Viewer(document.getElementById(divContainer), {
baseLayerPicker : true, selectedImageryProviderViewModel : imageryViewModels[0], imageryProviderViewModels : imageryViewModels,
selectedTerrainProviderViewModel : terrainViewModels[0],
//[0] is 3D STK terrain, [1] is the WGS84 ellipsoid sphere surface
terrainProviderViewModels : terrainViewModels,
animation : true,
timeline : true,
fullscreenButton : true,
fullscreenElement: divContainer,
geocoder : false,
homeButton : true,
navigationHelpButton : true,
infoBox : false, selectionIndicator : false,
sceneModePicker : true,
scene3DOnly: false,
sceneMode : Cesium.SceneMode.SCENE3D });

createCesium_ImageProviderViewModels: function (imageryViewModels){

console.log(‘beginning createCesium_ImageProviderViewModels…’);

imageryViewModels.push(new Cesium.ProviderViewModel({

name : ‘RMC\u00adTrail\u00adMap’,

iconUrl : wp_plugin_url.concat(’/lftgly/images/Cesium/RmcTrailMap-thumbnail.png’),

tooltip : ‘RMC Trail Map, copyright 2016, Randolph Mountain Club \n’,

creationFunction : function() {

return new Cesium.ArcGisMapServerImageryProvider({

url : ‘’,