Asset folder loading issue

I using the build version of cesium and loading cesium.js in the main index page from a subfolder of the index page. If I leave all of the content folders as peers to Cesium.js, I get the following results.

GET http://localhost:8080/cepic/js/Assets/IAU2006_XYS/IAU2006_XYS_15.json 404 (Not Found)

tycho2t3_80_px.jpg:1 GET http://localhost:8080/cepic/js/Assets/Textures/SkyBox/tycho2t3_80_px.jpg 404 (Not Found)

tycho2t3_80_mx.jpg:1 GET http://localhost:8080/cepic/js/Assets/Textures/SkyBox/tycho2t3_80_mx.jpg 404 (Not Found)

tycho2t3_80_pz.jpg:1 GET http://localhost:8080/cepic/js/Assets/Textures/SkyBox/tycho2t3_80_pz.jpg 404 (Not Found)

tycho2t3_80_mz.jpg:1 GET http://localhost:8080/cepic/js/Assets/Textures/SkyBox/tycho2t3_80_mz.jpg 404 (Not Found)

tycho2t3_80_my.jpg:1 GET http://localhost:8080/cepic/js/Assets/Textures/SkyBox/tycho2t3_80_my.jpg 404 (Not Found)

tycho2t3_80_py.jpg:1 GET http://localhost:8080/cepic/js/Assets/Textures/SkyBox/tycho2t3_80_py.jpg 404 (Not Found)

moonSmall.jpg:1 GET http://localhost:8080/cepic/js/Assets/Textures/moonSmall.jpg 404 (Not Found)

waterNormalsSmall.jpg:1 GET http://localhost:8080/cepic/js/Assets/Textures/waterNormalsSmall.jpg 404 (Not Found)

Cesium.js is located here: http://localhost:8080/cepic/js/cesium/Cesium.js

Basically I get an earth with no textures. If I copy the Assets folder up one level, base upon the path above, then the Not Found errors go way, but the earth is still lacking the textures.

I saw something about setting a global for the path to cesium, and I haven’t tried that yet. I was wondering if there’s something that I’m missing or something that I should try to resolve this issue.



Hmm, that’s weird. I’m pretty sure those files are referenced with relative paths.
How are you adding Cesium to your project? With a tag?

I’ll see if I can reproduce this.


From our index.jsp file(in the head section):

@import url(js/cesium/Widgets/widgets.css); html, body, #map3d { width: 100%; height: 100%; margin: 0; padding: 0; overflow: hidden; }

We have a java wrapper around our application, and I’m guessing this has something to do with the issues. Is there a good place to put a break point to see how the path is being built to load those files?