b26 release volunteer

Does anyone want to release b26 on March 3? This should be a pretty nice release with a number of new features.


Why not! b26 allows the use of GLTF models, am I right?

I am waiting for that. I am not sure about the features like gltf, ballon, are adding or not ?

Mohan, you can follow us on Github or check CHANGES.MD to see what has actually made it into master. We have several big things planned for b26, but we don’t merge things into master until they are ready, so we never make any promises.

4 big things off the top of my head are:

  1. Initial gltf model support (not in master yet)

  2. Major performance improvements to GeoJSON & CZML, as well as support for extruded geometry in CZML and other DataSources. (not in master yet)

  3. InfoBox and Selection widgets - these cover the “balloon” feature but they are technically not balloons. (already in master)

  4. A new mesh-based terrain handler and format for Cesium terrain.

For some of these we will probably have separate blog posts or tutorials that discuss them further as well.

Cozzi, I have no problem releasing b26 if no one else steps in to do it.

That’s great. Thanks Matt.