B3dm file with RTC_CENTER,but it's not rotated correctly

I have a 3d-tiles file which b3dm has RTC_CENTER property. But when I loaded the file,the model rotated wrong.Just like the picture.

  • here is the json file and a b3dm file.
    files.zip (16.9 KB)

  • The gltf model which inside b3dm file is y-up and origin center is zero.

Why it’s roated and how can i make it correctly.


Hi, it’s rotated because in Cesium everything is put on the globe sphere.

One way to fix it is add a transform, see my blog cesium 3d tiles model placement | bert how to do this.

I’ve tried it with your model, result see https://bertt.github.io/cesium_3dtiles_samples/samples/china .
I’ve removed the RTC_CENTER from the b3dm, the translation is now in the transform.

Another way is to use espg:4978 in the source data, then the transform is not needed (but the glTF looks skewed).

Thank you,the blog is great,it fixed the problem.

I’m still curious about how to use ‘RTC_CENTER’ correctly.

Thanks again.