B3dm model files problem

While working with tiles on sandcastle sample provided in your latest cesium-3d-tiles-refinement-fix , I have my data in citygml format ,and i could not find any way to convert any data to b3dm models , is there a tool converter for that ? noting that i tried FME , ArcMap ,Cityserver 3d .and none of them provided this …

another question is : the bounding volume in the tileset should be in radians ? if I have only the X Y Z in meters, is it possible to put them in meters still ? or it could cause a problem with tiling

Hi Wael,

No converters are available yet AFAIK and any updates will be posted to this thread.

Also, the bounding volume can be defined a few different ways, see https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/3d-tiles/blob/master/schema/boundingVolume.schema.json