Bad rendering experience when zooming closer to large ClippingPlane in chrome (not in IE)


I found out when having a large ClippingPlane (Entity) and zooming closer to it, the Plane is no more being rendered near the camera in chrome. For Internet Explorer this is not the case and the entity is rendered smoothly until camera meets the Plane. This is denying every use of larger clipping planes. Hope to find help here or to create some attention to this topic.

Simple reconstruction:
- Open the Sandcastles "3D Tiles Clipping Planes" example.
- Multiply plane size by 20 (var radius = boundingSphere.radius*20;).
- Run changes and zoom to the tileset model.
- User browsers Chrome and IE, watch how plane is being rendered.


This is a known issue with large geometry when logarithmic depth is used. See this GitHub issue for more details:

To make this easier to reproduce for others, here’s a Sandcastle showing the issue of the incorrectly clipped clipping plane. You can resolve this by turning off log depth:

viewer.scene.logarithmicDepthBuffer = false;


Let me know if that helps.

This solved the problem, thanks for your help!