Basic Ion Story editing question/observation

Hi - I have just been through the following sequence:

  1. Created a Story with ~8 slides, all works fine to play and share
  2. Created an offline CZML file to inject into one of the slides
  3. There is an error in this file, Ion has a parsing problem on upload
  4. My story is now essentially corrupted. I can no longer edit it. Opening it for editing gives me: “Whoops There was an unexpected error and this story cannot be loaded.” – the only option I have is to “Return to ion” - and no ability to undo the CZML overlay.

So I think the only thing I can do is delete the whole story and start again?
Story ID: fc495cb2-4336-4a7e-a6db-4919ae618329

Any thoughts welcome - thanks!


The CZML file should be listed in Assets after you uploaded it to Cesium ion. If you delete the asset from there it will remove it from the story.

Please let us know if that resolves your issue,



Yes, I see it in Assets, but as soon as I open the Story for editing I get the modal “Whoops” popup immediately.

The only option on the pop-up is to return to Stories - so I don’t get any opportunity to deselect the file.


Hi Steve,

Please try using the My Assets page to delete the asset. This is different from the asset list in Stories. The My Assets page will not load the story and will give you the ability to delete the asset.

Please let us know if you still have issues opening the story after deleting the asset.



Ah - I see what you mean - sorry for not getting it the first time - I have deleted the bad CZML file from the My Assets page (independent of the Story) - and that has fixed my issue - thanks!


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