Cesium Stories Error While Editing

Having loaded 3D building models as 3D Tiles, I’d launched a story successfully for 2 slides. While editing for the 3rd slide, I got an error message as follows;
There was an unexpected error and this story cannot be loaded.
For help, post on the Cesium community forum with this story’s id: 6fa1a518-2ce3-479a-b845-ccb186d57f50.

I have a suspicion it be related with large volume of buildings. The area was populated with thousands of small size buildings. But there was no way for me to filter out them. (Not sure if any code may help.) This error repeats every time I try.

Hoping to get some help to fix it.

Welcome to the Cesium community!

Is this error only occurring when you are editing the story? I was able to view all 3 slides without it crashing.

Are you seeing any errors in the browser console as well?