Bing Maps imagery problems

It looks like starting today the Bing imagery servers are returning 404s for tiles that look like:

which is a correct url based on template returned by their metadata service:

Sometimes it returns g=999 which results in tiles that work. g= in the url indicates which generation of imagery to use, it looks like they increment it every time the imagery is updated so that cached images are invalidated. As far as I can tell, this problem is entirely on their end (it looks like somebody forgot that numbers can go higher than 3 digits)

The actual Bing Maps web interface seems to be broken too, this map comes up blank for me and the console fills with 404s:

Hopefully they’ll get this fixed soon. Anyone have contacts at Microsoft?


We can contact Bing Maps support tomorrow. Bart or Fili can also get you connected if they are in before me.


As a followup, looks like they fixed their servers late Friday:

You may need to clear your browser cache to make it refresh the broken tiles.