Blurry Tiles on VR project


I just started to work with Cesium and I began a VR project but when I add any terrain to my project the tiles get blurry (images attached).
I noticed that when Im playing with the Lightings then it has some effects on the tiles blurry level but when I tried to remove all lights and deploy MobileSkySphere it still remain blurry.

I tried to do the same (adding the Terrain + deploy MobileSkySphere element) on an Empty Project and all went FIX!

I guess some properties in VR project makes it blurry but I couldn’t find which properties.

If any1 can help direct me how to handle this blurry ill be glad.


Hi @Sagivabu101,

If I understand correctly, you’re saying that this issue only happens in a project using the VR template?

If so, the best way to narrow this down is likely trying to isolate the elements of the VR project to figure out if any one of them is the cause. I would start with anything relating to pawns, cameras, or post processing. Try replacing or deleting them and seeing what happens.

Also, is this happening in the editor and also during play? Is there any change in the blur/grain between the editor and play mode?