Lower tiles can not culling correct

lower tiles can not culling correct when loading CesiumWebMapServiceRasterOverlay,this bug is only showed in ue5.
while i delete cesiumWebmapServiceRasterOverlay component the blurring issue is no longer showed

Can you please provide step-by-step instructions for us to reproduce this problem, preferably starting with the Cesium for Unreal Samples project?

1 add url and layer in cesiumwebmapservicerasteroverlay

2 change the layers ,the error showed

3 move camera can not be fixed

4 move camera to higher position,it showed more blurring tiles

this bug only showed in while i change the wms layers and refresh it frequently

You need to provide steps I can actually try myself. Can you point to a public WMS server that exhibits the problem? It looks like you’re using a custom material, because 4 layers are not supported by the default one, but you haven’t provided any details of that. In your third screenshot it looks like some other tileset might be showing through. But I can’t be sure, because you have a huge number of tilesets in your level.

Please put together the simplest possible level to demonstrate the problem and we will investigate. Otherwise, it’s impossible to say whether you’re seeing a bug, or improper use of Cesium for Unreal, or if some of your customizations (like a custom material) are causing problems.

i have the same bug,here is video
Desktop 2023.08.16 - (28.7 MB)

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the higher speed the more broken plan
Unreal Engine 5 2023.08.16 - (12.0 MB)

Thanks for the video @lidingxing. It looks like the key to reproducing it is to toggle a WMS overlay between two different layers quickly, and then move the camera. I’ll give it a try soon.

@Kevin_Ring I am try recurrence bug in CesiumForUnrealSamples ,i find it only happen in 5.0 or higher

it not need move the camera,There is a chance that change a WMS overlay.

any way can i avoid this bug?i also have tried ue 4.26,427,5.0,5.1 ,only 5.0 and 5.1 show this bug.

Unreal Engine 5 2023.08.25 - (23.1 MB)
hi,kevin. i find a way to avoid this bug. before i toggle wms ,i toggle the node play movie sequence(cesium node),and delay 1 second until wms loaded done ,stop movie sequence(cesium node).you can see in the video,no more broken plan!!! but how can i avoid the black screen flash in video?

kevin,I have been following this bug for 3 months, and I have downloaded several new versions of the cesium for unreal plugin and tested whether this bug exists. Unfortunately, the new plugin also has issues with loading WMS services and causing broken surfaces when quickly moving the camera. Do you have any timeline to address this bug?

No, sorry, I don’t have any update on this. As we don’t know what might cause it, we would welcome anyone that is experiencing the problem to dig deeper to figure out why it is happening, and let us know.