Tiles Constantly Glitching In Certain Zones

Hello. Tiles in this area seem to keep glitching. How do I stop this from happening?

Lat: 49.9889
Long: -113.410537

Just look at the yellow grass area. Do you have the same problem?

Which tileset are you using? Can you provide a video or screenshot?

Hi Kevin,

I’m using the default tileset from “Cesium World Terrain + Bing Maps Aerial imagery”. Do you get the same results?

I see this too. It’s a very strange problem, I really don’t know what’s going on there. I did find a workaround, though. If you go to Edit → Project Settings, then Engine → Rendering, then the Culling section, and disable “Occlusion Culling”, then the problem goes away. I think what is happening is that Unreal is ping-ponging between thinking these tiles are occluded one frame, then non-occluded the next, and then occluded again after that. As for why it thinks that, I really have no idea!

Have you seen this problem elsewhere on the globe, or only in thise one spot?

I wrote an issue for it:


Thanks for reporting this issue officially. I’m glad you were able to reproduce the issue.

I have not seen this problem elsewhere on the globe, but I also haven’t utilized many places in Cesium yet. Also thank you for the workaround tip. I have also tested using the new Google Tiles option in Unreal Cesium, and the issue is gone. Hopefully instead of disabling “Occlusion Culling”, maybe the Cesium team can fix this on the Bing Map Tile loading side soon.

Thanks again!

If it’s a bug in Unreal’s occlusion culling system, then there’s no fix we can implement in the Bing Maps tile loading that would help. In fact, there might not be anything we can do in Cesium for Unreal at all (it would have to be fixed in Unreal Engine).

Out of curiosity, what versions of Unreal Engine did you try? I only tried 5.1.1 myself, so it’s possible this has been fixed in later versions.