box in czml streaming

Hi, guys.
I want to push my czml data onto front-end by server sent event. And I have found everything working well but the shape box.

The box shape dose not show on the globe. So, I wanna know whether box shape supports the czml stream method?

Following is my server-sent event clip.And the billboard, point and label show well, except the box shape.

Could someone told me why, and is there something wrong with my code?


What version of Cesium are you using? We accidentally missed adding the Box to CZML until Cesium 1.23 so you will need to use a version newer than that.

It might be a problem with your CZML? Compare it with our CZML example here to see if you missed anything:



Thanks for your timely help! Just as you told, I’ve forgotten the version things. Such a careless person!
Thanks very much.

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