CZML documentation updated

It seems that the CZML documentation has been updated recently(

And some geometries(corridor, cylinder, box) have join the CZML specification.

I’ve tried the cylinder and box, but I failed. The box geometry has just not shown on Cesium viewer(

And I really want to know what the problem is.

Please help me check the code of the box.czml



“id”: “document”,

“name”: “CZML box”,

“version”: “1.0”



“id”: “box”,

“position”: {“cartographicDegrees”: [-100.0,40.0,300000.0]},

“box”:{“fill”: true,

“outline”: true,

“outlineColor”: {“rgba”: [255, 0, 0,255]},

“outlineWidth”: { “number”: 10.0 },

“dimensions”: {“cartesian”: [500000.0,500000.0,500000.0]},

“material”: { “solidColor”: {“color”: { “rgba”: [ 0,0, 255,255]} }}}




The box was added to CZML just after the 1.22 release. It will be available in the 1.23 release that comes out July 1st.



Hi Hannah,

I got it. Thanks a million.

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