Briefing a first app


I had an idea that is based on a ux to explore a rotational globe - and diggin’ in I found Cesium and actually one best application I love is based on it.

I have quite a clear idea about a possible interaction and ui for my use case, and I’m new to Cesium:
I am looking at the tutorial and using 3d modelling is beyond my needs.

I expect I may need just basic functionalities, like geo-referencing a few points, that I link with external content; plot on a rotating globe the points; and filter the points based on criterias.

I see CesiumJS and Cesion ION - and cesium to download - which I should pick up to build a web app / PWA app ?

May I ask for support to brief me out about the basic functionalities I will need and locate me to the refs in the tutorial ?