Cesium globe

3. Context. Why do you need to do this? We might know a better way to accomplish your goal.

Hi,Im not from IT background. All I want to do is use the globe which can be navigated by mouse, put some gleaming dots on the surface countrywise, insert audio so that audio will play when someone clicks on the dot. Can you tell me where I can download such user friendly globe.Tnxs.

Hey there,

Currently, to make a Cesium app, you’re going to need to write some code. I’d suggest looking up some basic JavaScript tutorials, then taking a look at our Cesium Workshop Tutorial for getting familiar with some Cesium code, experimenting in Sandcastle, and then going through Getting Started Tutorial for getting Cesium running in an app.

We’re currently working on the Cesium Composer, which would allow you to create apps without writing code, and it’s currently in beta if you’d like to sign up.



Hi Gabby,

I was afraid I might not get a reply, thanks a lot. I have downloaded everything and although new, Acer Gateway, was like not responding properly (gettin stuck, malware). So I uninstalled everything cause I want to start working on a PC rather. After I checked the Cesium Beta version it runs fast and looking great as well. Hope you will soon release Cesium Composer which would be very user friendly and anyone can customise the globe. I got some crazy ideas after I checked into this site “Radio Garden”, internet radio. So I have explored Sandcastle and found out plots model would work good for me. I wish you and Cesium team all the best, its a cool app.

Best Regards,

Yasaswi Gomes