Browser(IE, Crome) Performance

hi there

Place the building in cesium using the b3dm file and tileset.json.

It works well in chrome. But performance is not good in IE.

IE is the 11 version.
Cesium is the 1.42 version.

We used a variety of options to solve this.

( tiles option )
cullWithChildrenBounds : true
dynamicScreenSpaceError : true
skipLevelOfDetail : true
skipScreenSpaceErrorFactor :16
baseScreenSpaceError : 1024
skipLevels : 1
immediatelyLoadDesiredLevelOfDetail : true
loadSiblings : true

(viewer option)
scene3DOnly : true
requestRenderMode : true
maximumRenderTimeChange: : Infinity

But I couldn't solve it.

Is there a way to increase performance in IE?
thanks. have a good day

Unfortunately there’s no good way to instantly improve IE performance. I would suggest increasing tileset.maximumScreenSpaceError which will render less tiles overall but not look as good.

thanks to Sean.

It has become more powerful in IE.

Have a good day.