IE11 performance

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We observe a significant weaker loading performance of terrain and overlay imagery using IE11 ( latest version 11.0.10240.16431) compared to EDGE, Chrome, Firefox on the same device. This can be observed as well for

It seems to be related to InternetExplorer iternally


A) codewise; is there any setting in cesium to improve rendering/loading for InternetExplorer

B) Any settings in InternetExplorer to improve rendering/loading ?

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Are we talking unusably slow, or just noticeably slower than all other browsers? For example, what does this link report for FPS.

If it’s the former, you may be experiencing software rendering caused by IE’s aggressive and large hardware black list. If you look in the IE dev console when running Cesium, do you see any messages about software mode or rendering? The best solution here is to make sure your video drivers are up to date and that Windows is fully patched, even then IE 11 might refuse to use hardware accelerated graphics for your card (what graphics card is it, by the way?)

If it’s the latter, than the specific performance problems you are seeing are most likely a result of IE 11 not supporting transferable typed arrays, which causes additional copy and slower performance when marshaling data to and from web workers. Also, IE 11’s JavaScript engine is just flat out slow compared to Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

While there’s no magic “make faster” setting you can enable (if there was, we would already be doing it for you) you can try and make a trade off between quality and performance by rendering at a lower resolution in IE compared to other browsers. You do this by setting the viewer.resolutionScale property in IE only, for example, try it with 0.5 and see if it affects my first link.