IE11 Performance


I was just wondering if there have been any updates relating to Internet Explorer performance issues since this:!msg%2Fcesium-dev%2FOTwnQkSpInw%2FeTlOjmcuDAAJ#!searchin/cesium-dev/IE11/cesium-dev/OTwnQkSpInw/GRpovlQADAAJ


Having visited the stats cesium map:

I am getting IE11 FPS between 0 and 1, whereas Chrome and Firefox both comfortably run over 20FPS.

Visiting WebGL report, for IE I get this report:

and for Chrome:

Can you interpret these results as to why IE is not able to run Cesium?

Our clients won't be able to turn off IE Software rendering and their graphics cards are going to be worse than mine, so I need to be able to get it running smoothly locally before having any hope that the map will be usable by clients.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks a lot!


We don’t see these same kind of problems with IE11. For the Cesium Viewer you linked to, I get around 60 FPS for both Chrome and IE11.

What OS are you using, and what graphics card?




We're on Windows 10.

I have an Intel HD Graphics 4600 Chip, and a colleague has an Intel Iris Graphics 540, and he doesn't get above 3 FPS on IE11 either.


Ah, okay. I don’t think there’s anything we can do if IE is blocking hardware accelerated graphics for those machines, sorry. As Matt said in that other forum post, you could try updating IE and your graphics card drivers if those aren’t up to date.



I've been able to turn on Graphics Acceleration on IE11 by unticking the following box:

It has upped the FPS in IE to the 20-30 range along with Chrome and Firefox.

Like I said though, the majority of our clients use IE11, and won't be able to turn this setting off as it will be controlled by their office admins.

Do you use software rendering or do you also use accelerated graphics to render in IE11?


You could consider using TerriaJS, which has a fallback to 2D (Leaflet) for systems that can’t run Cesium well for whatever reason.