Extreme lag on some PC's

In some computers the map performs like 1 frame each minute.
For instance in front of me is a PC with Quadro 1600 VGA, and i am waiting about 3 minutes to see the globe.
Near it there is a laptop with Intel 10th generation i7, and internal Intel VGA - the VGA usage peaks like mad.
At the same time there is a old server with quad core cpu - from the ages, equal to i3 4th generation, with internal VGA, and it works fine.
What could cause these issues, and how to fix it ?

The main key is WebGL support in the browser and hardware to match, so I’d look into device drivers that link the hardware to the OS. If your driver is very old, or possibly not updated in ages, then WebGL can’t use the card or hardware properly (or at all).

Internal graphics cards are often easier to support for operation systems (often out-of-the-box OS support) and they often have limited 3D capabilities which perform better than any fancy 3D card without proper and working device drivers.

So I don’t think this is a Cesium issue per se, but more of a graphics device driver issue.



Hey Alexander !
Thank You for Your reply.
You seems to be absolutely correct !
The OS’s were all Windows 7 with outdated drivers. But it turns out that theese drivers is no more supported, so even installing the new graphic drivers packages, they just dont include new drivers for the graphic chipsets.
Switched the OS to Windows 10. Now it works. Absolutely weird for me. I didn’t expect such thing to be honest.
Thank You kindly for the points you’ve made.


I have to report that this actually works only on this isolated PC and it’s “works” it means - it works mega sluggish.
We still have about 150 clients which can not open even the cesium basic demo, or their PC’s completely freeze on it or doing 1 frame per second or so.
Will be there anytime soon something like patch or something which will allow the slower PC’s to run Cesium ?