Bug: Geometry with TranslucentMaterial flickers


We have tested this new Cesium Plugin feature in Unreal 5:
“The translucent parts of 3D Tiles are now correctly rendered as translucent. In addition, a new TranslucentMaterial property on Cesium3DTileset allows a custom material to be used to render these translucent portions.”

When we set parts of tileset translucent this way, when the lod-level changes, we can see one frame flicker to black in these translucent primitives. If we toggle on the longer “lod-transition” option, this black color is rendered all the time while transitioning.

(note: Way back using Unreal 4 with Cesium Plugin version 1.5.2 this reproduced also if we just set the whole tileset material to be translucent - and then 1.6.2 fixed the issue!)

Hi @v12424124_34,

Can you possibly provide a video of the issue? Ideally, it would also be helpful to know if you are seeing this when in wireframe view as well.

It sounds similar to some tile flickering issues we’ve seen in the past, but a recording would help confirm.