BUG: ION vs JS - 3DTile Height Issue

We are finding that we have to load each model twice as an asset. Once for ION and once for JS.

One with no Height.
When we load the LAS files they are floating in the AIr in Sandcastle JS.

Sandcastle Example

When we place it in ION it lays on the ground with Hieght

When we reference asset by ID in JS it floats in the air and we have to have a 2nd version of the asset with no Height

Please advise. Seems like a bug?

Hi Guys… Still no response to this issue?

Hi Steve

Apologies for dropping the ball on this.

I believe you are stating the difference in between the preview window in Cesium ion and the CesiumJS. Is this correct?

The discrepancy is likely because the preview window does not include Cesium World Terrain, and when you are setting the height of the asset, the globe may have CWT enabled. To check this, can you click the “Globe Settings” and then scroll through the “Terrain” to see if CWT is enabled?

If you would like to use your point cloud with CWT enabled in CesiumJS, ensure that is the option chosen in the Globe Settings. Otherwise, if you would like to use Mean Sea Level (“bald Earth”), then you can select that option in Globe Settings (or another Terrain of your choosing). Accordingly, you should use the same terrain option in CesiumJS.

Note that the preview window (3rd image in your post) will continue to use Mean Sea Level regardless of the Globe Setting.

Let me know if this helps.

Hi Thanks for the information…

Where is CWT Enabled? I see is listed on this Story. Is there a different one for Assets?

Where is the CesiumJS, Globe Settings option in the reference API document?

From My Assets → Click the selected Asset → Adjust Tileset Location → Globe Settings.

This setting is not accessible currently when trying to edit the location from within a Cesium Story.

Resolved . Thank you.