New point cloud dataset loaded but not displaying

Hi, I have loaded in some point cloud data:
It displays in the little window in the right place, all good.

When I try to create a story it doesnt display:

It goes to the right location when I click on the magnifying glass.

Where am I going wrong?

Many Thanks


I think it was just an elevation issue, how do I know which elevation to go with - i.e. the google elevation and the cesium w. buildings have different ground elevations. Thank you!


You are correct in that there may be elevation differences between the Google tileset and Cesium World Terrain. The asset viewer which shows the previews usually loads Cesium World Terrain whereas in the stories you can use any base terrain you would like. So the answer to your question would depend upon which of the two you would like to keep as your base asset. If you would like to visually align your asset with Google’s data’s elevation you can do so by clicking the three dots next to your assets in the stories .